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Is curling on a straight path to success?

That was one of the questions that Joe Favorito - one of the best minds when it comes to sports marketing - asked me as part of a Q&A about curling for his Sports Marketing & PR Roundup Blog. We discussed a range of topics -- from the new ways fans can access curling on TV to how to make curling attractive to millennials, and more.

Here is an excerpt:

Q: Is there a place for curling in the sports lexicon of the US outside of the Olympic window?

A: Absolutely. Curling is accessible, fun, competitive, and absolutely in demand. There are active curling clubs in 46 of 50 states – and the numbers of participants has grown steadily over the past decade. Next year the National Championships will be staged in Jacksonville, FL — which will give a fan base that hasn’t traditionally had direct access to the sport an opportunity to experience it in person. And the television/digital coverage gives fans a chance to get to know players, form relationships with the people competing at the highest levels. That was the first big hurdle that curling needed to get over — shifting it from a regional sport to a national sport. Creating an opportunity more than once every four years for fans to stay connected. Now with that foundation in place we can focus on creating that fan experience – fans can be invited to participate, to cheer, to help create the new, national culture for curling, to share in the experience as they do during the Olympics every four years. There is a hunger for a fun, compelling sport like curling – it just needs to be cultivated a bit more.

The full Q&A is here. Let me know what you think.

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