A Perfect Game For Team Canada Skip

Team Canada Skip, Jennifer Jones, curled a perfect game on Tuesday to help her team to a 9-3 victory in eight ends over Sweden in the women's curling competition at the Sochi Winter Games.

What exactly does it mean for a player to curl a perfect game? Simple: they hit all their shots.

In curling, players are graded on their shots on a scale of zero to four.

4 points = shot executed correctly

1-3 points = partially successful shot

0 points = completely missed shot

In a completed ten end game, the maximum score for a player is 80 points (4 points per shot x 2 shots per end x 10 ends). When a game is conceded before all stones have been thrown, a player's possible maximum may be less. When an extra end is played, a player's possible maximum may be greater.

In Tuesday’s match, Jennifer Jones hit all 16 of her shots over eight ends.

REMINDER: For more information about scoring, or curling in general, download our casual fan’s guide to curling.

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