Thinking About Sports Launches

New Website Gives Casual Fans A Destination to Learn More

About Curling During the Olympics and Beyond

New York, New York, February 6, 2014 – Thinking About Sports, a media company that gives casual fans access to the knowledge and information they need and want to fully appreciate and enjoy sports, launched to enhance the fan experience and to help broaden the American fan base for the internationally renowned sport of curling. The website aims to make watching and talking about curling easy, fun, and engaging.


“Curling is an exciting sport filled with strategy, athleticism, and action,” said Brian Reich, founder of Thinking About Sports. “For most people, however, the sport is still new and possibly a little confusing. If you are a casual fan, or a potential fan, you may have questions: What is curling? Why are they sweeping? What are they yelling about? The more you understand and appreciate what is happening on the ice, the more likely you will be to watch, and enjoy watching, and the more engaged you will become as a fan.”


As part of, Thinking About Sports also produced Curling: The Casual Fan’s Guide, available for free on the website. The guide is a thorough, yet digestible primer on all things curling and includes a bonus section on the Olympics, including specifics about Team USA, what to look for when watching curling, and details of the media coverage to expect over the course of the Olympic Games in Sochi.


“Those of us who live and breathe curling every day want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with everyone,” said Terry Kolesar, director of communications for USA Curling. “It has been exciting to see the US fan base for curling grow over the last several years and we are thrilled that has arrived just in time for the Olympic competition in Sochi to help more fans engage with and get excited about our fantastic sport.”


While Thinking About Sports claims it isn’t trying to turn people into “die-hard” curling fans with or Curling: The Casual Fan’s Guide, they aren’t making any promises. “It could happen,” says Reich. “It happened to me.” Reich and team do hope is part of what helps love and appreciation for curling  “sweep” the nation.


About Thinking About Sports

Thinking About Sports provides casual fans with the knowledge and insights they need and want to more fully engage with and enjoy sports, including interviews with coaches, athletes, and media. We provide brands, media properties, sports leagues, and teams the opportunity to license, sponsor or integrate this content on existing platforms. For more information, go to


Contact: Brian Reich, Thinking About Sports, (646) 789-1323,


To download a PDF of the press release, click here.

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